Intended for key stages 1 and 2, the ‘Lift the Lid’ Christmas and Easter Experiences are dramatised retellings of the biblical accounts of Christmas and Easter; suitable for pupils of all faiths. The children will learn what happened all those years ago, in an interactive and thought-provoking way.

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The children and teachers join a guide who starts the Experience by travelling back in time. The children

meet actors who bring the story to life. Throughout the Experience the children are taken on a multi-sensory journey of discovery; time travelling at the end of the experience back to present day

The Christmas and Easter Experiences also include a time for a craft activity specifically related to the Experience. Helpers ensure that the children have all the help they need for the craft activity. This also means that teachers can put their feet up and enjoy a well deserved cup of tea or coffee. Suitable drinks and snacks are made available both for children and teachers.


See for yourself



The Christmas and Easter Experience really is a memorable experience for the children and one which provides a unique learning opportunity. Feedback from teachers and the children themselves says it best.


“I most enjoyed observing the young children totally engaged in the journey.”

(A teacher from St Joseph’s RC Primary School, Pickering, North Yorkshire)

“It was good for the children to be involved rather than just sitting and listening.”

(A teacher from Norton Primary School, Norton, North Yorkshire)

“The way the drama and craft tie in together is excellent. The effort that goes into both is amazing!”

(A teacher from Weaverthorpe Primary School, Weaverthorpe, North Yorkshire)

“The children are already aware of the Easter story but the re-enactment made it more real to them.”

(A teacher from C of E Infant School, Driffield, East Riding)

“Once again you have managed to put your slant on a story the children know.”

(A teacher from St Mary’s Primary School, Malton, North Yorkshire)


Feel free to contact us for more information or to find out where your nearest ‘Lift the Lid’ Christmas or Easter Experience is taking place.