‘Lift the Lid’ Resource Boxes

The ‘Lift the Lid’ team are designing 9 boxes which contain a variety of activities, tools to engage pupils, resources to aid learning and relevant information to assist teaching. Each box is created with two specific aims; to the meet the requirements of the RE Agreed Syllabus for North Yorkshire and to equip teachers and help pupils to explore and develop knowledge of Christianity.

  • Celebrations: Christmas

    ‘Lift the Lid’ on Celebrations: Christmas

    A super seasonal resource. This box examines Christmas today, the origins of Christmas and the ways in which Christians celebrate Christmas. The resources are designed to take the children on a journey and learn that there’s more to Christmas then presents. The ‘Lift the Lid’ on Christmas resource box is designed to be used for both key stage 1 and 2. We pack more resources into one box, therefore only one box is needed to cover both key stages.

  • Celebrations: Easter

    ‘Lift the Lid’ on Celebrations: Easter

    Through acting out the story and handling artefacts the children learn the significance of Easter for Christians. Worksheets, books and games reinforce their learning and develop a knowledge of Easter based on the Bible rather than Easter Eggs. The ‘Lift the Lid’ on Easter resource box is designed to be used for both key stage 1 and 2. We pack more resources into one box, therefore only one box is needed to cover both key stages.

  • Caring
    Caring Box Contents large

    ‘Lift the Lid’ on Caring (Unit 1.4)

    Using these resources the children will understand why and how Christians care, looking at real life examples and considering ways they can show love and care. An enjoyable tool in the box is songs with actions; it’s a lovely topic and a great box.

  • Puzzling Questions

    ‘Lift the Lid’ on Puzzling Questions (Unit 1.2)

    A fantastic resource for exploring big questions with children. Looking at the answers Christianity offers, but also realising some questions cannot be easily answered. Through fun activities the children explore puzzling questions and ask, “I wonder?”

  • Special Stories

    ‘Lift the Lid’ on Special Stories (Unit 1.3)

    A box full of interesting stories that enable the children to explore the Bible and understand Christian beliefs and history. Audio/visual resources, flashcards and literacy based worksheets allow the children to explore and reflect on each story.
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  • Sacred Places

    ‘Lift the Lid’ on Sacred Places (Unit 1.6)

    A wonderful box focusing on Christianity, looking at the history of the church, considering the importance of sacred and holy places. The children explore the beliefs behind traditions and church artefacts and reflect on their own beliefs and traditions.
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  • Celebrations

    ‘Lift the Lid’ on Celebrations (Unit 1.1)

    Using the children’s experiences of celebrations as a platform these resources build their understanding of Christian celebrations, explore the feelings and emotions of celebrations and use stories, role play and other activities focus their learning.
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  • Creation and Thanksgiving

    ‘Lift the Lid’ on Creation and Thanksgiving (Unit 1.5)

    A thought provoking resource which encourages the children to ask questions about creation and the beauty of the world. The children discover what the Bible say about creation and learn how we can be thankful for and care for the world.
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