‘Lift the Lid’ Resource Boxes

KS3&4‘Lift the Lid’ provides resources for discussion, tools to engage in issues like, “Personal and Social Responsibility”, “Ultimate Questions” and more. Lift the Lid on… Key stages 3&4

In addition to this, the ‘Lift the Lid’ team are designing boxes which contain a variety of activities, tools to engage pupils, resources to aid learning and relevant information to assist teaching. Each box is created with two specific aims; to the meet the requirements of the RE Agreed Syllabus for North Yorkshire and to equip teachers and help students to explore and develop knowledge of Christianity.






  • Evil and Suffering

    ‘Lift the Lid’ on Evil and Suffering

    A thorough and thoughtful resource box, full of discussion starters, PowerPoints, audio visual material, flashcards, games, books and more. Using these resources the pupils will be able to explore and engage with current issues surrounding the topic of ‘Evil and Suffering’, as well as discovering where the topic is highlighted in the Bible and learning about Christian beliefs and attitudes.

  • Identity and Social Responsibility

    ‘Lift the Lid’ on Identity and Social Responsibility

    An exciting resource box full to the brim of excellent teaching tools designed to inform, create discussion and provide opportunities to fully explore the topics of rights, responsibilities, identity and social responsibility. These broad topics are explored through games, discussion starters, class activities, multi media resources, artefacts and more. There are numerous cross-curricular opportunities through the use of these resources as well as the ability to go deep in a focused and relevant way. For a closer look at the resources click here Box Contents

  • Christianity

    ‘Lift the Lid’ on Christianity

    An essential and comprehensive selection of resources helping students explore, question and understand more about Christianity. The Trinity is a key concept to Christianity and care has been taken to provide interesting and easy to understand resources to unpack this topic, including a FREE classroom poster and video. Religious language cards and worksheets enable learning of important religious words and definitions. An interactive Facebook profile of Jesus allows students to quickly discover more about him, and Christianity. There’s more resources than can be written about here so have a look at the images to get an idea of all the resources in the box.



  • Environment and Animal Rights

    ‘Lift the Lid’ on Environment and Animal Rights

    Coming Soon

  • Abortion and Euthanasia

    ‘Lift the Lid’ on Abortion and Euthanasia

    Coming Soon

  • Sex, Marriage and Family

    ‘Lift the Lid’ on Sex, Marriage and Family

    Coming Soon

  • Science and Medical Technology

    ‘Lift the Lid’ on Science and Medical Technology

    Coming Soon

  • Conflict and Peace, Crime and Punishment

    ‘Lift the Lid’ on Conflict and Peace, Crime and Punishment

    Coming Soon

  • Mark’s Gospel

    ‘Lift the Lid’ on Mark’s Gospel

    Coming Soon