‘Lift the Lid’ Discovery Resource Boxes

The ‘Lift the Lid’ team are currently designing six Discovery Boxes which contain a variety of activities, tools to engage pupils, resources to aid learning and relevant information to assist teaching.


‘Lift the Lid’ on Christmas

A super seasonal resource. This box examines Christmas today, the origins of Christmas and the ways in which Christians celebrate Christmas. The resources are designed to take the children on a learning journey, digging deeper into the nativity story to ask why Christmas is such a significant celebration. Games, costumes, quizzes and worksheets ensure there are a range of engaging ways to explore Christmas. Designed to provide a progression of learning, these resources will prove a valuable teaching tool year after year. This discovery resource box is currently being developed and will be Available  September 2018



‘Lift the Lid’ on Easter

The Lift the Lid team considers these resources to an essential tool for teaching the subject of Easter, a topic with some challenging concepts. The resources have been thoughtfully created to equip teachers well, so thy can confidently help pupils understand the biblical account of Easter. Easter character discovery cards and hands on artefacts allow the children to learn in an immersive and thought provoking way. Worksheets, books and games reinforce their learning and develop a knowledge of Easter based on the Bible rather than Easter Eggs. This discovery resource box is currently being developed and will be Available 2019



‘Lift the Lid’ on Creation

An engaging and thought provoking resource which encourages the children to ask questions about creation and the wonder of the natural world. The children discover what the Bible says about creation in an interactive way through books artefacts. This discovery box is bursting with life and ready to turn any classroom into a space of wonder, imagination, questioning and knowledge of what the Bible says about how the world began. This discovery resource box is currently being developed and will be Available September 2018




‘Lift the Lid’ on The Bible

A fantastic resource for exploring the Bible and the foundations of Christian theology. The form, functionality and purpose of the Bible in and engaging way. The children will come to discover not only the history within the Bible but also the essentials of why Christians would believe and shape their lives after its teachings. Useful vocabulary activities remove the misunderstandings about the bible while worksheets and questions form useful assessment tools. This discovery resource box is currently being developed and will be Available 2019



‘Lift the Lid’ The Life of Jesus

A discovery box stocked full of interesting stories, fascinating facts, explanations of Christian theology and fun games all about Jesus. No other person has changed the course of history as Jesus has and Christians continue to live by his teachings. Jesus is an essential part of Christianity and this box digs around to reveal the claims Jesus made about himself, the time he spent on earth, his death and resurrections and the reality for Christians that he is alive and real today. These resources include testimonials from people alive today, helping to unpack the idea of faith and belief. This is an essential resource box for any classroom and one we are sure you’ll love getting stuck into. This discovery resource box is currently being developed.


‘Lift the Lid’ on Christianity and the Church

A wonderful box looking at the history of the church, and the shape of the church today. Artefacts help the children understand how church traditions have significance for the Christian faith today. Photo cards explore the idea of what a church looks like, helping to explain that a church is more than just a building. The early church, established by the disciples is unpacked in  a thought provoking way and connections are made with the church as we know it today. Real life testimonials explain the relevance of the church within society and look at how the church operates around the world. The children will not only learn about traditions and buildings, but also the building blocks of Christianity. This discovery resource box is currently being developed.