‘Lift the Lid’ Discovery Resource Boxes

The ‘Lift the Lid’ team are currently designing seven Discovery Boxes which contain a variety of activities, tools to engage pupils, resources to aid learning and relevant information to assist teaching.


‘Lift the Lid’ on Evil and Suffering

A thorough and thoughtful resource box, full of discussion starters, PowerPoints, audio visual material, flashcards, games, books and more. Using these resources the pupils will be able to explore and engage with current issues surrounding the topic of ‘Evil and Suffering’, as well as discovering where the topic is highlighted in the Bible and learning about Christian beliefs and attitudes. This discovery resource box is currently being developed and will be Available July 2018




‘Lift the Lid’ on Identity and Social Responsibility

An exciting resource box full to the brim of excellent teaching tools designed to inform, create discussion and provide opportunities to fully explore the topics of rights, responsibilities, identity and social responsibility. These broad topics are explored through games, discussion starters, class activities, multi media resources, artefacts and more. There are numerous cross-curricular opportunities through the use of these resources as well as the ability to go deep in a focused and relevant way.  For a closer look at the resources click here Box Contents Preview This discovery resource box is currently being developed and will be Available October 2018
Coming Soon



‘Lift the Lid’ on Christianity

An essential and comprehensive selection of resources helping students explore, question and understand more about Christianity. The Trinity is a key concept to Christianity and care has been taken to provide interesting and easy to understand resources to unpack this topic, including a  classroom poster and FREE video link. Religious language cards and worksheets enable learning of important religious words and definitions. An interactive Facebook profile of Jesus allows students to quickly discover more about him, and Christianity. There’s more resources than can be written about here so have a look at the images to get an idea of all the resources in the box. This discovery resource box is currently being developed and will be Available 2019



‘Lift the Lid’ on Peace and Conflict

An interesting and insightful box delving into the human mind to try to unpick the morals and ethics that people chose to live by. By looking into the past insights can be gained, but not often is the Bible considered a history book about peace and conflict. These resources examine the history of conflict while considering the reasons for going to war. Artefacts bring this topic to life in the classroom, helping to prompt insightful discussion and debate. Questions examine what the Bible says about peace and conflict and consideration is given to whether conflict is justified. This carefully created box will allow teachers to sensitively consider Christian attitudes and  biblical theology around the topic of peace and conflict. This discovery resource box is currently being developed.


‘Lift the Lid’ on The life of Jesus

A discovery box packed with interesting stories, fascinating facts, explanations of Christian theology and fun games all about Jesus. No other person has changed the course of history as Jesus has and Christians continue to live by his teachings. Jesus is an essential part of Christianity and this box reveals the amazing claims Jesus made about himself. The resources look at the time he spent on earth, his death and resurrection and the reality for Christians that Jesus is alive and real today. These resources include testimonials from people alive today as well as looking back at the history that reveals the person of Jesus. This is an essential resource box for any classroom and one we are sure you’ll love getting stuck into. This discovery resource box is currently being developed.


‘Lift the Lid’ on The Sanctity of life

Care and attention has been devoted to provide resources that meet this emotive and sometimes controversial topic. But equal care has been taken to reveal the insights and – as Christians would believe them – truths found in the bible. Class discussions are a key part of this resource box, enabling teachers to deliver engaging, appropriate and thought provoking lessons. The resources help to put aside the traditions and stereotypes often associated with the church to reveal the compassion and passion for life found in the bible. This resource box delves below surface level attitudes surrounding the sanctity of life to ask the somewhat hard but intriguing questions that connect with pupils today. This is a resource box full of ideas will be a pleasure to teach from year after year. This discovery resource box is currently being developed.


‘Lift the Lid’ on Living the Christian Life

A resource box full of relevant and engaging resources looking at what it meant to be Christian in biblical times and what Christianity looks like today. Video clips and personal testimonials help to explain how Christianity is relevant for people today. Stepping beyond the stereotypes and traditions these resources ask questions about the values and morals that people live by, focusing on how and why people chose too live they way they do. Fun games help to liven the classroom environment while teaching valuable lessons. The Bible forms an obvious backbone to this topic and resources have been carefully considered and created to allow pupils to engage with biblical theology while maintaining their own personal beliefs. Group discussions and other classroom activities make this box an enjoyable way to explore the topic of living the christian life. This discovery resource box is currently being developed.